Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fixing the washing machine again

The washing machine stopped last Saturday afternoon. This called for another visit to! Wouldn't dream of calling an appliance repair professional. We have had three times the washing machine failed in nine years. That seems pretty good, especially with used machines. 
Symptoms pointed to the door switch. I got out the multimeter and tested it. It was broken! It is fortunately a $20 part. Not very much. I got the new part on Wednesday. And it felt so good to have my washing machine back. Three days without doing laundry is a lot when you have six people in your family. Four of us have pretty small clothes for  small bodies, and that helps.   Here is a picture of my project. Not much disassembly involved. And I have a helper. Actually he wants to take that screwdriver and poke a hole in the wall. I didn't let him.

I will add that after I put in the part, the wash cycle wouldn't fill. So we went a day filling on rinse, then switching to wash. When I went to figure out why, I discovered a plug I had forgotten to reattach after the repair. I think I would be a disappointment if I tried to fix somebody else's machine. For our family, my husband is a satisfied customer. But he doesn't do the laundry. 

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