Thursday, April 14, 2016

Storage tubs

Needed a place for these tube toys. Emptied a laundry detergent tub. Storage tub for free! 
It looks very empty but half the tubes are on the floor right now. 

And while I am on it, here is my stash of smaller tubs.

Now the trouble with these is that you can't see inside. So I keep masking tape and permanent marker handy in the kitchen.

That's a quick nothing fancy post. 
P.S. A couple more things came to mind. 

1. Don't put food in non-food grade plastic containers. 

2. Of course we have a lot of tubs that are purchased, because we increase stuff faster than we use up products in tubs. 

3. And we throw away containers, because we don't have a need for that size. 

I forgot to add the peanut butter and mayo jars that we use for collecting bugs and things, for fun.

And the juice containers, for storing water. We have enough of these already.
And we also use some containers for children's money and tithing.

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