Saturday, February 6, 2016

Wrap party dresses

Every time Pixar finishes a movie, they throw a big employee party, and the dress is usually formal. I should admit that for he last party (The Good Dinosaur) I spent over $200 on clothes, which I continue to use. Most of that was on the boots. But for the approximately nine parties prior, I made do! 
I bought a formal dress for senior prom that I thought would be timeless and reusable. That was sixteen years ago. I wore this one many times. Here is a picture from last year's party for Inside Out:

Almost three years ago for Monsters University I found myself too pregnant to wear the dress. But I didn't want to spend a lot on a formal maternity dress that I may never wear again! I found a pattern for a good dress, and I also had a pretty sheet I picked up from a pile of free junk in a embarrassing! So $13 for the pattern, plus a zipper and thread, and hours of work, and ta-da! Some of the fabric was kind of pilling and not so pretty but I put that part at the bottom of the skirt where nobody is looking closely. I put the dress on so I could make this post, last year. 
And the really fun part is this sash I made for my belly (Pixar wrap party attire is "Creative Black Tie"):
I didn't tell anybody I was wearing a sheet. Until now.

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