Thursday, February 25, 2016


LI watched a few YouTube videos about how to put on makeup. Thought I might try to improve my appearance. I was amazed at how much money those women must have spent on their makeup collections! It is useful to watch the videos, even if I don't have all that stuff. Here is what is in my makeup bag:

And in college when money was scarce, this is what I had:

On the topic of cleaning off makeup, I found the liquid foundation was better at removing makeup than an eye makeup remover product, and the foundation costs less. Now, I use a microfiber face cloth with water. I have no special face soap. Plus I have tweezers, little scissors, a pencil sharpener, and I keep the chap stick in my purse or coat pocket. 
I didn't date much in college either.
I am not going to say that you can look fabulous without spending a lot on makeup. But you can be well groomed.  

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